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Along with the Hot Spot

Referral pages help customers better understand your business. Provide specific information on business capabilities, competitive advantage, industry experience, etc. through specific, prominent data. This will help customers feel the confidence when using the services of the business.
Common information in the introduction page includes:

  • Overview of general situation
  • Introduce competitive advantage
  • Product introduction, price, production capacity, business
  • Business form, operational experience
  • Customer care
  • Link social networking sites

(Here is a sample of Smart Work).

1 Smart Work - Open Career

With many breakthrough services in the new "Rent & Share" trend, Smart Work shares the Online & Online professional resources in all business activities to support the business.

  • Minimize operating costs
    Build stable and effective foundation
  • Improving Competitiveness Building
    a successful foundation for success

Some Business Factsheet 2016

  • Customer Amount: 3,000 ++
  • Number of projects: 5,000 ++
  • Number of Employees: 30
  • Years of experience: 6

2 Share Online & Offline Business - Cost Sharing

Intelligent Work shares professional resources Online & Offline in all business operations, supporting enterprises operating stable at the lowest cost.

  • Share the management of Website & Fanpage as well as account management of marketing campaigns for Website & Fanpage
  • Share Business & Accounting staff on behalf of guests, introduce products and services, and handle work under authorization.
  • Share showroom, courteous office, equipped with all facilities: meeting room, WIFI, photo machine, fax machine, printer ...
  • Share car comfort, luxury. Use a flexible car as the owner impressed well with partners.
  • Share experience in choosing the type of investment, transfer of capital and capital structure in line with the purpose of doing business.
  • Share tax solutions, minimize tax payments, and avoid tax arrears.
  • Share all online and offline business resources to succeed with Win-Win-Win for all three parties: Customers, Partners and LVTM.

3 Highlights of LVTM Design

Are experts

  • LVTM's staff are technical and marketing specialists who are interested in the market - the customer - the investment efficiency.
  • Instead of asking how your business wants the logo, LVTM Consulting helps you know what your logo needs to be to make a difference.

Professional service

  • LVTM's projects are implemented in a rigorous manner with the participation of brand and creative professionals.
  • LVTM has a variety of tailor-made packages to suit your individual needs with the greatest commitment on investment costs.

Development companion

  • When the project is completed and handed over, the business relationship does not end. In contrast, LVTM continues to be a co-developer of the same business with many free utilities and breakthrough business support services.
  • LVTM is committed to advising for the sustainable development of both parties.

4 Website & How LVTM Meets Unique Needs

  • LVTM has over 6 years of specialized programming experience for more than 50 fields, supporting customers in 4 popular languages, meeting all specialized Website needs.
  • To meet the needs of fast - beautiful - cheap, customers can choose the website template and change the layout, image, color, content accordingly. Sample Website costs can be paid once - installment - loan
  • Depending on the field of activity, LVTM advises clients on the content and image it needs to persuade potential customers.
  • Depending on the volume of information more or less, LVTM advice structure and layout suitable for beautiful and attractive website
  • Depending on the type of content and product images, LVTM advises on the appropriate layout to make the site dynamic, impressive.

At LVTM, we understand that every customer has very specific needs.
That's why LVTM needs you to share to be able to provide tailor-made solutions to help you get rid of everyday troubles, to help you focus your core business efforts.

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